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D&H Fly Fishing Schools

As you can tell by the recent blog posts and our facebook page, the fishing season is here!  Whether you are new to the sport or would like to take your skills to the next stage, D&H has the right level of training for you.  Below are all of the details.  If you would like to see photos and current dates, please click here.

Beginner Fly Fishing Schools
The schools are designed to cover skill levels ranging from the pure novice to the “I’ve tried it, I liked it, but I do not know what I’m doing!”  Under the watchful eye of our instructors, you will lay a solid foundation for your life long adventure in fly fishing.
Some of the topics that will be addressed are:
  Equipment:  How to select appropriate tackle for a given fishing situation; line weights and rod actions.
    Knots to get you started.  Selecting the proper leader to match the fly and the fishing situation.
    Understanding the leader and tippet relationship.
  Casting:  You will learn the fundamentals and how to apply them to advanced casting techniques.
  Fishing:  An afternoon of fishing and perfecting techniques learned earlier in the day.  All fishing is
    done on a catch and release basis.
The schools are comprised of two sessions: In-The-Field and Classroom. 
The In-The-Field portion will be held at a private club in Kentucky; about a thirty minute drive from Cincinnati.   The day will start with all participants meeting at the club at 9:00am.  After a full day of instruction, lunch and fishing, our party will leave the club at about 3pm.  All equipment for the In-The-Field portion of the school is provided.  This includes rod, reel, flies and leaders.  If you have your own equipment, please bring along for evaluation and usage, if appropriate.  Lunch and drinks are provided.  Water will be available all day.
The Classroom portion of the school will be a two-hour session held at Delamere & Hopkins from 6-8pm on a week night, Monday-Thursday.  Each student will coordinate the date of their session with the shop.  Although we have a list of topics we want to cover during this session, we find that this is a valuable time for students to ask questions to fully understand an aspect of the angler’s gear.
Group School
$200 per student, includes lunch and all angling equipment.  There needs to be at least two students for the school to take place and the maximum number of students for the group schools is three. 
Private School
$325   $125 to add (1) student.  You and the instructor pick a date; during the week is fine.

Intermediate On-The-Water School
This school assumes that you have taken the Beginner School or are competent with your casting skills.  The focus of the school will be to prepare you for many situations you will encounter when you are on the water.  We will show you how to adapt your cast to particular situations: picking up line and starting your cast in currents; mending line for a drag-free float; roll-casting; safe wading practices; how to properly use a strike indicator and how to rig-up your gear for different stream depths; how to properly handle fish.
Students will need to have their own fly fishing gear: rod, reel, waders, boots and all necessary clothing and fishing license.  Each student will receive a packet of gear to be used during the day that they may keep: fly box with twelve flies, two leaders, two tippet spools and strike indicator.
This school will be held at the Brookville Lake tailwater in Indiana; about a 45-minute drive from Cincinnati.  Students will meet at the City Park at 9am (Cincinnati time).  Lunch is provided.  Click here to see a photo album of the location where this school is held.
Group School
$240 per student, includes lunch.  The maximum number of students for the group schools is four. 
Private School
$365.  $165 to add (1) student.  You and the instructor pick a date; during the week is fine.
2-Day Getaway Fly Fishing School
This school is perfect for a family, a group of friends or corporate entertaining and since this is your group, we can tailor the instruction and the weekend to meet the needs of your party.  The school is held at a private fishing club located two hours north of Cincinnati.  This school includes fly fishing instruction, necessary gear (rod, reel, flies and leaders), accommodations and meals at the club.  Contact Luke to start planning your Fly Fishing Getaway!
Minimum of four students are needed for this school.  Click here to see a photo album of this Getaway Adventure.

Private Fly Casting Lesson
Need to work on a particular problem with your cast?  Headed on a trip in three days and have never had a fly rod in your hand?  Let’s get together and take care of whatever we can in an hour.  The one hour casting lesson is a great way to fix a problem or just try it out for the first time.
$45.00 per hour (1 on 1 instruction).  Equipment provided if needed.

Check dh.BestGear.com for dates for the 1-Day Schools or e-mail Luke with any questions or to check available dates for any Private instruction at shop@BestGear.com.

Your Delamere & Hopkins Fly Fishing Instructors
Brian Barnard has served as the head instructor since Delamere & Hopkins first introduced fly fishing schools in 1995. Brian has over 35 years of fly fishing experience and has completed his professional certification through the Federation of Fly Fishers.
Luke Sedacca has been fly fishing and working at the shop since 2005.  Luke is almost always around the store any time that he is not guiding, instructing or fishing.  If you have any particular needs for your group, feel free to contact Luke.  He has been particularly interested in helping beginner fly fishermen get started.  He strives to make fly fishing as simple and straightforward as possible for new anglers.

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