Wednesday, October 28, 2015

D&H review of men's vests for Autumn/Winter

The weather in Cincinnati has been up and down over the last few weeks.  We have not hit parka weather yet, but we definitely have had plenty of temperatures to warrant a vest.  We thought we would take a look at the selection of vests we have in the shop; some new styles and some old favorites.  If you have any questions, stop in the shop, try some on and feel free to ask questions.

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Barbour Colwarmth
Barbour Colwarmth Vest
This is a new style from the Barbour Field Collection for the 2015 cold weather season.  We took to this vest because it is not too puffy and bulky and will look as good in the field as it will going into town to get supplies.  The vest is filled with a Fibre Down that keeps you warm even it gets wet and dries quickly.  Microfiber suede is used on the inner collar and on the quilted patches.  There is an inner zipped security pocket.  The color of the vest is a little bit more olive than the photo shows (if you click here and go to our web site, the image on our site shows the true color).

New Wolverine Women's Shannon Boot

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Michigan Trout Fishing

          Last weekend my dad and I got up to do some trout fishing in Northern Michigan. We fished the Pere Marquette for two days and the Au Sable for two days. This time of year the east side and west side offer very different experiences; streamers vs. eggs. It was awesome....

Fall dress

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Start your Season Right! A few Great Upland Products

  I've been lucky enough to get out a few days already this year, birds aren't quite here but it is a great time to be outside. I think I've got a pretty good system worked out for myself but we get lots of questions this time of year about gear. Here are a few new ones and few I couldn't do without.

Filson Mesh Game Vest
  Anybody who has read my blogs or hunted with me won't be surprised by this one. I got one of these when they first came out and have not been disappointed. It is lightweight, breathes well, and holds most of what I need for each outing.

We also have plenty of options for those who prefer full vest, jackets, and tin cloth strap vests.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Opening day of Woodcock Season

   Today was the first true day of bird season around here. It is a bit early, but Rye and I headed out anyway and had a great time exploring Indian Creek Wildlife Area.  Indian Creek is really a great resource for all of us Cincinnati sportsmen and women.  You will find a map here:Indian Creek Wildlife Area

Friday, October 9, 2015

Monday, October 5, 2015

New Tying Bench

      The other guys and I noticed that Ted was tying his flies on what amounted to a stool for a six year old. After I tied a fly or two at his place, I knew he needed a better option.  He couldn't find anything that quite caught his eye, so I decided to build him a new desk.  First time I'd built anything like this.  Didn't turn out half bad.
The old and the new.\