Friday, May 24, 2013

Bass, Trout, and Frogs...Fifth Third Bank Event at Briarwood.

We try not to take ourselves too seriously.

         I just got back from Briarwood Sporting Club for the 2nd time this week.  I know, hard life.  Actually, this outing was to assist our head instructor, Brian Barnard, with a Fifth Third Bank corporate event.  Fifth Third invited representatives and some of their best clients to spend the day exploring Briarwood and learning to fly fish.  We had a great few days and caught a ton of fish.  Michael was the Fifth Third employee responsible for organizing the event.  It was a great event.  Keep reading for pictures and more about the event.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Brookville Report 5/21/13

          This morning my dad and I were able to get out to the Brookville tailwaters to do some trout fishing. The water conditions were prefect with a depth gage reading of 3.5ft and a water temperature of about 48 degrees F. There were plenty of fresh fish due to the recent stocking of rainbow trout in the tailwaters. We ended up having a pretty good day.

Monday, May 20, 2013

A great weekend at Briarwood

        I just got back from a weekend at Briarwood Sporting Club. I had five guests with me, all of whom I have either guided or instructed in the past. It was a great group. We had many laughs, caught a ton of fish, and in general just had a great time.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

It is hot and dusty on the jungle road...

...and you have 10 kids in the back of your 1976 Seies III Land Rover pickup.  No radio, no worries, just sing.  You are Bob Marley!

It is now in need of a little work and is getting a complete work-over.
Marley was regularly seen driving his Land Rover around the streets of Kingston, the city that inspired such hits as No Woman, No Cry, Three Little Birds and I Shot the Sheriff using it to transport his famous band, The Wailers, and their equipment to gigs throughout Jamaica.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Columbia Insect Blocker Shirt

The nice weather is upon us in Cincinnati and I have been spending a bunch of time working in the yard and on our vegetable garden.  The last couple of seasons the mosquitoes have been active in our yard and I can't wait to try the new Columbia Insect Blocker Shirt.  I like that the shirt looks good to wear around town or in the bush, has a UPF rating of 30 for the lightest color and is a wick-dry fabric.  I talked to a guy that used this shirt in South America and he said that it worked great.
You can roll-up the sleeves and secure them with the Swiss tabs.  I use this feature on many of my fishing shirts and it works great.

The venting on the back of the shirt is nicely hidden and the front pockets are not too large and aggresive looking so that you can wear this as a travel shirt and get away with walking into a cafe and not look like "Johnny Jungle".  Delamere & Hopkins is stocking this shirt in blue, tan and white for men and lavender, dark salmon, white and tan for women.  The Hyde Park Square shop also is stocking pants for both men and women that use the same technology. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

D&H at Porsche and Maserati event

Once again D&H was invited to attend the Porsche and Maserati annual party to talk about the trips, schools and guide trips that we conduct each season.  We enjoyed not only meeting new folks, but also checking out some nice vehicles.