Friday, July 17, 2015

two new D&H trucker caps arrived today

Join us In Tennessee in October for an exciting week of fly fishing one of the best tailwaters in the East.
October 2015 SoHo Trip Details

new D&H belts made in the USA

We just took a break from unpacking seventeen large boxes of new Patagonia items to receive in our first shipment of custom made D&H belts.  They look great!  This is the D&H saltwater series belt with the D&H logo and a bonefish, tarpon and bluefish.  Stop in the shop and try one on! 

Blue Fish



We suggest you buy 2" up from your pant a 34" pants wears a 36" belt.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Little Miami Guide Trip

I had a trip on the books for the Little Miami for this past weekend and water was obviously VERY high due to the annoying amount of rain we have been getting.  Thankfully the East fork had a sudden drop in discharge and we were able to head over there for the morning.  It was 100% worth the trip. In the first hour or so we had caught 3 hybrid bass and then we went on to catch smallmouth up stream.

Jeff was bending over my Sage one 6 wt. on these hybrids in fast water. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

South Holston Fishing Report

   A few guys stopped by the shop today to pick up flies before heading down to the South Holston in Tennessee. The conversation really made me look forward to heading back down that way October 12-16. I took a look at the lodge website tonight and found this fishing report:

"South Holston River 7.8.14


Summer time and the ‘fishin’s’ easy. Well, maybe not necessarily easy, but it’s been pretty darn good here on the South Holston River. We have some high water! With the recent rains, the TVA should be running water for the next little while. What does this mean? Well, not much low water, and that’s great for this time of year. The high water allows for some of the best dry fly fishing from the drift boat that we will have all year. The time is now, my friends. High water sulphur season is officially in full swing. Hooray!
Nymphing? Excellent. And will continue to be good to great all summer long for those that simply want to go out and catch a bunch of fish.
For those who want heads instead? Sulphurs have been around and will continue to be around daily. Almost like clockwork. Yep, for those who love the dry fly, this is definitely one of the best times to be here.
Beetle Fishing? Yes, we have a great terrestrial bite here on the South Holston and Watauga Rivers. Typically an early bird thing though. Think about being on dawn patrol. Interested? We can do it.
As for that Watauga River? It’s good too. Not as many bugs besides some stray olives, craneflies and the ever present midge, but the dry/dropper and light nymph rigs have sure been producing quite a few fish. A great change of scenery for those who plan on staying with us for a few days.
We are jukin’ and jivin’ here at the South Holston River Lodge this July. We have a few slots available this month for trips and cabin rentals. Next month too! Let us know how we can accommodate you.

If you missed the report from our trip back in May, here is a link to it:

If you would like to know more about this trip, book a trip on different dates or just learn more about the South Holston, give me a shout at 513-871-3474 or via e-mail at

Friday, July 3, 2015

4th of July weekend hours

We are open Friday from 10-6
we are closed on Saturday to celebrate the 4th
we are open Sunday from 11-5

Have a fun and safe holiday weekend
bring your out-of-town guest by the shop for a visit
go fishin'!!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

New styles of SMITH OPTICS and introducing CHROMAPOP

We just received in a new shipment from Smith.  

We got a couple of new styles in: Backdrop, Wayward, Flyby, Chamber, Tenet, and Lochsa.  


This graphic really helped me understand the tech of ChromaPop

I am particularly excited that we now carry ChromaPop lenses from Smith.  I have been using this lens for about 2 years now and I will never use anything else.  What makes ChromaPop so exciting?  ChromaPop lenses maximize color and contrast by improving the speed of visual processing so you see truer color, faster.  The way this lens enhances green and red colors is phenomenal.  It may sound like a gimmick, it is not.  I look forward to wearing my sunglasses everyday because the ChromaPop enhances my surroundings.  Some might be skeptical about the fact that ChromaPop only comes in a plastic lens form.  I have put my sunglasses through some tough situations and I have yet to scratch the lens, after two years of use.  I do a fair amount of sight fishing for carp and I believe this lens technology gives me an advantage when stalking these fish.  My advice to you is that you come in and try a pair of Smith's that has this technology and see the difference for yourself!

The Wayward a classic looking pair of sunglasses with ChromaPop

Click more to see photos of the Backdrop Sunglass.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Northern Michigan Hex Hatch

          I recently got back from a Northern Michigan fishing the hex hatch. Had a great time....