Thursday, July 25, 2013

Whitewater Fishing Report 7/24/13

          Yesterday, Nick and I headed out to the Whitewater over in Brookville, IN to do some smallmouth fishing. We floated 8 miles of it from morning to evening. The weather was perfect, but the flows were a little low at 234cfs. Even with the low water we were able to have a great day of fishing. Between us we caught about 20 fish each including some real monsters.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Striper Fishing Report 7/19/13

          I headed out Friday evening to do a little bit of striper fishing in the Little Miami. I headed to a spot near the Beechmont Levy to fish in the evening in attempt to avoid the heat of the day. Here, it seemed like all of the fish were hanging around the opposite bank right in the main current along a rocky wall. The water was at a good level but the clarity was a little poor because a near by feeder stream was dumping in muddy water. With this said I threw on my biggest chartreuse clouser and went to town. I ended up having one of my best nights ever.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

product review: HOT in The City

I just came in from walking the streets of NYC and it is very hot.  I am wearing the Patagonia A/C shirt and it is a winner.  I have always known that this is my go to shirt when it is sticky and disgusting out, but hit the concrete jungle and the subway in The City and you will be a big believer if you are wearing an A/C shirt.  The organic cotton has a rippled texture so that it does not stay plastered against your skin and the weave is so open that if there is any breeze you will feel it.  The shirt has a flat hem so that you may wear it untucked and not look like a slob.

Another huge hit are the Patagonia Gi pants.  I wore long pants instead of shorts and it did not bother me once to have fabric on my legs in this sweltering weather.  There is a zipped security pocket on the leg which cam in very handy on the streets.

- Mark

Friday, July 5, 2013

2013 D&H dove shoots

2013 Dove Shoots
1pm arrival time (no earlier)
Harrison County (little over an hour from Cincinnati)
September 1st     Sunday
September 7th     Saturday
September 14th     Saturday