Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Shags Run Training Outing

         I headed down to Shags Run today for the afternoon with my sister Louisa.  Billy Gerwin had a free afternoon, so he volunteered to help me with some training aspects I was struggling with.  I have an electric collar, but am still learning to use it effectively.  Billy coached me throughout the afternoon as we worked a few practice birds.  I was pretty excited as I was using less electricity overall, but was handling Rye much more effectively than previously.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

It's a Christmas Miracle at D&H

D&H Holiday Hours 2014

Wednesday 24th           10-4           

Thursday 25th               Closed

Friday 26th                      Closed

Saturday 27th            10-6

Sunday 28th             11-5

Monday 29th            10-8

Tuesday 30th            10-8

Wednesday 31st       10-4

Thursday 1st            Closed

Monday, December 22, 2014

Thieves Have Stolen $1 Million Worth Of James Bond Range Rovers

Thieves have managed to make away with a set of five modified Range Rovers Sports that were to appear in the upcoming James Bond film.

Brookville Fishing Report 12/21/14

          Well about a week ago I got bilateral knee surgery. All I have really been doing is tying TONS of flies. This past weekend I decided that I needed to get out to fish or I would go crazy. So yesterday Nick and I fished for only a little bit over at Brookville Tailwaters in the evening. I was obviously restricted in my wading abilities and could only get to a small fraction of my "honey holes". Even though we were only able to fish two spots, we still did well.
A nice hungry brown!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Quail Hunting 12/15

      Got out and did some quail hunting with my Dad on Monday.  We had a great time with a Shags Run setter named Mikey.  It was the first time I had hunted with Mikey and he did great: stayed close, listened well and held points like a pro.