Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Shags Run Training Outing

         I headed down to Shags Run today for the afternoon with my sister Louisa.  Billy Gerwin had a free afternoon, so he volunteered to help me with some training aspects I was struggling with.  I have an electric collar, but am still learning to use it effectively.  Billy coached me throughout the afternoon as we worked a few practice birds.  I was pretty excited as I was using less electricity overall, but was handling Rye much more effectively than previously.

        Billy drilled into my head the importance of being proactive as I handle Rye and manage her progress in the field.  Louisa was gracious enough to take pictures for me since I was busy handling the collar remote and the shotgun.  It was such a pleasure to hunt with Billy and learn some of the techniques he uses when he hunts his dogs.  It was also a treat to have my sister along to enjoy the farm.  Luckily, we had a beautiful day.

Enjoy the pictures from today.

I laughed so hard at this point. It looked so awkward, but sure enough there was bird in front of her.

Walking in on a Pheasant point.

Bonus Cock bird

Billy straightening Rye up.

Dropped this bird in the pond...

It only dropped a few feet into the pond, but Rye was courteous enough to pull it into shore for me.
    For more information contact me at 513-871-3474 or or to book directly through Billy, reach him at 513-200-1846.


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