Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Warm water flies and materials

        D&H is always getting new flies and materials to keep things interesting. With the high water its a great time to start tying some new flies and trying out new materials. We just unpacked a couple shipments with a couple new things and some things we have been out of.
 - Click    Move>>> below to see some more local fish and some of my go to flies and materials for local warm water species.

Friday, June 26, 2015

D&H adds a Sperry shoe to the range

Delamere & Hopkins has been selling Sperry boat shoes for over twenty years.  Mark has been living in Sperrys since forever.

"I remember wearing them in the third grade, and high school with duct tape on them (that was cool), and all through college and well, right now as I am typing this.  The Bahama style is as old-school as you can get and the oyster color can be seen up and down the east coast.   When I see this shoe I think about the Low Country of the Carolinas and shrimp & grits."

Why did it take D&H so long to bring this model in?  I dunno.

this classic shoe screams summer

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Assorted Articulated Streamers $8

These articulated streamers are great for targeting large fish.  They move, wiggle, push water and grab the attention of every fish around.  These flies are best thrown on a heavier rod like a 7wt or 8wt. These are flies that Alex frequently uses to fish for big trout and tied up for the shop!

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Just in Time for Father's Day... Stanley Products and Others

   We have been looking forward to this shipment for a while. Most of the guys in the shop have been using various Stanley Thermos's and mugs for some time. They are easy to use and clean and a great product. We brought in five models to start out. Click "Read More" to see what came in!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

just added another date for Fly Fishing Schools

D&H has just added Sunday July 12th as a date for our Beginner Fly Fishing School.  Our bookings have reaklly taken off this season and another date was needed.

please click here for all of the details

Delamere & Hopkins
Hyde Park Square
2708 Erie Avenue
Cincinnati, OH  45208
(513) 871-FISH
Mon-Thurs 10-8
Fri-Sat  10-6
Sun 11-5

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Fly Fishing Gear on Sale

   This time of year we always have a few items that have been discontinued over the winter. Look below for details on these items:

Simms Freestone Waders, Size 2XL
Were $249.00  Now $174

   Simms' classic wader. We have carried these for years. A great summer weight wader for the experienced fisherman or first pair for a new fisherman.
(Boots not included)

Thomas & Thomas Horizon II  #10
 Was $800   Now $560
    Get this rod for most of your heavy inshore fishing duties, musky adventures, or to chase King Salmon. The Horizon is a fast action rod that is comfortable to throw. This series has been a shop favorite for many years. 

Hardy Fortuna X2 
Was $745     Now $521

     The Hardy Fortuna would be a perfect match for the T&T #10. I have fished this reel on several saltwater trips. It is a extremely strong reel that is very user friendly. The drag is fully sealed and set at maximum boasts and impressive 30 lbs. of resistance.

Patagonia Wading Boots (select sizes)

Rockgrip: Were $179  Now $125


 Stay upright in these sticky rubber boots that also accept studs. These exhibit the same quality and craftsmanship Patagonia has always been know for.

Aluma Bar Boots: Were $239  Now $167

   When the Bar boots came out a few years ago we were all a bit unsure. After wearing these boots for several years, we know they are a great alternative to felt. The aluminum bars is soft enough to develop micro-abrasion which cuts through algae to the hard rock below. These boots stick like glue!

Simms Rivershed Boots   
Were $179   Now $125

 The Rivershed boot is a dependable, hard working boot. The soles do a great job by themselves but add some aluma bite or carbide studs and you will be unstoppable. Check out Alex's' review from a  year or two ago:
Rivershed Boot Review