Thursday, July 25, 2013

Whitewater Fishing Report 7/24/13

          Yesterday, Nick and I headed out to the Whitewater over in Brookville, IN to do some smallmouth fishing. We floated 8 miles of it from morning to evening. The weather was perfect, but the flows were a little low at 234cfs. Even with the low water we were able to have a great day of fishing. Between us we caught about 20 fish each including some real monsters.

          When we first started off in the early morning we threw Nick's big articulated sculpin which was the hot fly the last time we were there. For some reason we only caught a few fish on it. With this said we threw on the trusty chartreuse and white Stay Hungry Clouser and basically never changed our fly again. We were having great luck on it. The technique that we soon discovered was to swing these heavy flies through riffles right when the water started to get deep. These fish would hold up in the deep fast water because baitfish would be carried right to them. We would see as many as 10-15 smallies following the fly through the swing and then hit it at the very end as we started the upstream strip. These fish were very aggressive and would hit almost any fly, regardless of its size.

Double Deciever Fly
          As the day went on we caught many other species as well such as skipjack, sauger, largemouth, and even white bass. Nick then decided to try out one of his shad patterns on the swing in a riffle. As he was swinging it he felt his line come to an abrupt stop so he set the hook. After a good hard fight with many jumps Nick had landed a 22" smallmouth! We could hardly believe our eyes at the size of this fish.

          After I saw this fish, we knew that this river held giant smallies and I was more determined then ever to land one myself. We moved down a couple riffles and caught a bunch in the 8-14" range, but nothing more. We finally came one of the last sets of riffles to fish. I was swinging my fly through the riffle as I felt my line tighten up so I set the hook and felt a big fish shake its head. Once I got it in I had landed a 20" smallmouth on a Stay Hungry!

          We couldn't believe the day we had. Our day packed with both quantity and quality in terms of fish; not to mention the amazing weather. If you have any questions, feel free to call the shop at 871-3474.
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