Friday, July 5, 2013

2013 D&H dove shoots

2013 Dove Shoots
1pm arrival time (no earlier)
Harrison County (little over an hour from Cincinnati)
September 1st     Sunday
September 7th     Saturday
September 14th     Saturday

This year D&H is having three shoots at our dove fields in Harrison County, KY.  The farm is family run and the fields are not commercially hunted.  Our fields have perfect habitat for Mourning Doves: rolling hills and abundant crops grown in fertile soil that are surrounded by hardwood forests.

We have expanded our plantings again this year and have many fields to shoot.  Our farmer planted more sunflowers this year and he was even on his tractor when the Derby was running.  That is dedication!
We got our fields in before the rains hit and we should be in good shape.  We are going to get in a second planting about two weeks after the first planting.  We are going for a strong showing of sunflowers and buckwheat this year along with the normal food plots.  The farm also has available really nice roosting sites. 

This is a wild bird shoot, so there are no guarantees as to the number of birds that will be present.  We are doing everything we can to ensure a lot of great food plots and ideal habitat to attract and hold birds.

Dove shooting…it can be fast!  Lots of talking in the field; calling out to your neighbor…

“Look behind you! Four coming in from the fencerow! Six coming in from the watering hole! Behind you! Behind you! What? Oh, behind me?” 
“Neil, you got the lucky spot.  I know it can’t be your shootin’ skills. Let me in there!” 
“Hey Alan, you got any shells? How ‘bout a handful?”

During the Shoot
Water will be provided (bring a small cooler to take to your peg)
After the Shoot Party
Good country cookin’
Something to wet your whistle

$175 per hunter; checks or cash only; payment in full to hold a spot; no refunds unless we are able to fill your spot.  Mark will not accept any payment the day of the shoot.

If you have any questions, please contact Mark (, Luke or Chip at the shop 513-871-3474.  If you want to make sure you receive information about any last minute shoots we might have, please make sure that we have your e-mail address.

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