Saturday, July 20, 2013

Striper Fishing Report 7/19/13

          I headed out Friday evening to do a little bit of striper fishing in the Little Miami. I headed to a spot near the Beechmont Levy to fish in the evening in attempt to avoid the heat of the day. Here, it seemed like all of the fish were hanging around the opposite bank right in the main current along a rocky wall. The water was at a good level but the clarity was a little poor because a near by feeder stream was dumping in muddy water. With this said I threw on my biggest chartreuse clouser and went to town. I ended up having one of my best nights ever.

          I was using my Sage Xi3 9wt. with an intermediate sinking line. This helped a lot because on the swing the fly would remain in the feeding zone instead of rising up to the surface. Like I said, the fly needed to be right up on the bank in order to catch fish. This was mainly because the bank was the only stretch of clean water in the run because of the feeder stream. If you have any questions call the shop at 871-3474.

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