Sunday, March 22, 2015

Northern Michigan Trout Fishing

          Late last night I got back from four days fishing up on the AuSable River in Michigan. This is hands down my favorite place to go.  We took up the drift boat and did nothing but float chucking streamers tight to cover to find those big browns.  We floated the "Trophy Waters" below Mio Dam as well as the lower upper river.  It was another awesome trip back up to the mitt!

          We spent everyday throwing 7 weights, 250 grain sink tips, and big flies.  It was work but the rewards are there for those who put their time in.  We lost a nice one, perhaps the biggest fish of the trip, about 10 feet from the net.  Water temps were still fairly cold, but the air temps were nice.  Water stain is good for streamers, but sunny days aren't.

Tight Lines,
Delamere & Hopkins

First fish of the trip. This 19" brown smoked a Lynch Triple D.
Crack of dawn snowfall

Best fish of the trip (that made it to the net). A pretty 22"
Their were some aggressive little guys

Oh the choices. Literally about 1/20 of the articulated streamers I brought.
Little Black Stoneflies made their way up on land during sunny afternoons
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