Monday, November 17, 2014

Gear Review: Filson Mesh Strap Vest #16022

         I have been using this hunting vest for a about three seasons at this point.  It has been a great and versatile product.  I think it is one of the most popular hunting vests we sell.

     What I do like...

      When these were introduced a few years ago, I immediately was interested.  It doesn't take me much to warm up once I start walking, so the mesh was an attractive feature.  It was most likely designed with southern bird hunters in mind, but the versatility makes it a great piece for Ohio/Kentucky hunting where it can be snowy and cold one day and 48 degrees and sunny four days later.
     Because the body length is adjustable, I can easily wear it with a flannel shirt or add a fleece or heavy sweater and it is never uncomfortable.  The construction is what you would expect out of any Filson piece. Heavy duty and long lasting.  If you are looking for a simple, no-nonsense vest, this is it.

What I don't like...
       This is a great vest for preserve hunts or localized wild bird hunts.  The vest has very little storage.  Just a pocket on each side for shells, your game bag, and two mesh side pockets for water bottle or gloves. 
      There are many times I would like just a bit more space for small items like a camera, compass, or snacks.  I notice this especially when we are hunting wild birds in a place like Michigan where I need to be more prepared than on a preserve hunt. 
     Also, I wish my vest had some way to attach my dog collar remote to the vest so it isn't always swinging loosely.  Many of the more complete vests and jackets have some kind of provision for this problem.
     As you may have guessed, this vest isn't meant to haul a ton of weight, be it shells or birds.  Filson makes vests that handle these chores better.

   This vest is a great vest for day hunts on preserves or local wild hunts where you know about what to expect and don't have to get too far from the truck.  I love the simplicity of it and the way I can wear it over almost anything and still be really comfortable.  The light weight and mesh upper keeps the vest cool even on warmer days when a standard vest would get a bit warm.

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