Saturday, November 1, 2014

rugby: Eagles vs. All Blacks in Chicago today

40 minutes
wow; we all know the Kiwi's can play great rugby, but.....
it is half time and here is the score
All Blacks 43
Eagles 6

just saw the All Blacks score another Try
I think the most common thing I am seeing is the speed of game that All Blacks play; they keep the ball moving always

the All Blacks missed another extra point and it reminds me how good Jonny Wilkinson was; amazing scorer

All Blacks 67 - Eagles 6
why are the All Blacks so good?   the All Blacks always have a man running behind the ball carrier.
they can just pass the ball to an area and know that a player will appear to get the pass.

what passing!
great execution!
All Blacks 72 - Eagles 6

All Blacks 74 - Eagles 6

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