Sunday, October 5, 2014

Brookville Fishing Report

          Nick and I got out to Brookville a couple nights ago and camped. We fished all throughout the night, slept for a couple hours, and fished the morning. The water was low-- 2.7 ft. Weather was rainy and cold, but the fish came out. I set a new record for myself and hooked into a true beast. It was a 27 inch brown trout that had crazy girth. It made it even more cool that it was at midnight.

A true monster. Couldn't even fit a hand around him.

           We threw streamers and mouse patterns all night. We rolled some fish by skating mice, but only hooked up with this fish and it was on a streamer. The wildlife was also pretty cool at night. We saw some beavers (almost stepped on one of them), found a mouse swimming in the river, and heard some unsettling noises from the woods.

Tight Lines,

Alexander Helmicki
Delamere & Hopkins


  1. Spectacular! What weight rod/line did you use?

  2. I was using a Sage ONE 6wt, Hatch 5 Plus reel, and a 6wt Rio Power Fly fly line.