Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First Fish of 2013

   Shortly before midnight on December 31 a friend invited me to join him to fish on January 1st. I couldn't say no. After sleeping-in a bit we met near Aberdeen, Ohio to fish the warm water discharges from the Ohio power plant located there. This plant is extremely close to the Ohio river so many fish come up the creek following bait fish which are taking advantage of the warm water near the discharges. The water was a bit muddy and the scene a little eery between the overcast sky and the steam billowing off the water. But the hybrids were there and we managed to catch a few.

   The day started slow but we were all happy because we had not fished together since Montauk back in September. We all managed to catch a few small fish, and all in our own ways. Shortly after arriving, I realized I had forgotten one of my reels so I was left to fish a bigger-than-needed stick. I hooked up first with a small hybrid on the 10 weight with a big white/chartreuse Clouser.

         We tried a little while longer and dredged one more spot.

         The first spot was unique but didn't produce the way we wanted so it was time to break for a quick snack before a spot change.

      Next stop was the mouth of the creek where it emptied into the mighty Ohio. The steam was rolling off the water and though the air was cold, the water was like bath water as we stood in the shallows of the Ohio river and fishing for Striper/White bass hybrids. In the last hours of the day, one of us managed to catch a first fish on a new Spey rod while another hit 'em with the 3 weight. Two extremes but fun nonetheless. 

      With one more year passed and another beginning, it is our pleasure to thank you for another year of support. We love doing what we do and look forward to much more of the same. It wouldn't be the same without all of you that we grown to know over the years. Everyone at D&H appreciates your loyalty.


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