Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New Columbia PFG Shirts Have Arrived


The Bahama II shirt has become a staple everywhere from tropical flats to Midwest smallmouth streams and college campuses.
     D&H just received a spring shipment in from Columbia.  The Bahama shirts have a great reputation for keeping us cool and comfortable in the sun.  Check out some of the new colors and styles that are sure to be hits this summer.

      The Bahama shirt is one of our favorites at the store.  It is cut on the comfortable side to give you plenty of room to move and let air circulate throughout the shirt.  The ventilated back also helps cool you down in hot, humid weather (which is important on a steamy Cincinnati summer day).

    This year Columbia brought a few new patterns. 

      On the casual side we also received the Columbia Mossy Trail shirt.  The is a UPF 30 shirt so you can wear it all day outside and feel protected from the sun.  The shirt is 54% Modal and46% Polyester.  Modal is a type of Rayon that comes from Beech trees.  We have this shirt in two colors.

Stop into the shop and try on these great new products!

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2708 Erie Avenue
Cincinnati, OH  45208
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