Thursday, October 4, 2012

Montana fly fishing

I got back from Montana a week ago and the shop has been so busy I haven't taken time to post anything about the trip.  The first group I took to a ranch on the Upper Ruby.  Fishing was great, weather was great, ranch staff and guides were great, customers had fun...what more do you want?

this fishpond pack came in handy; I stored many boxes, rain gear and snacks and water in the back
good quality tippet was a must on this trip; all Montana fish are wild
I was using this floatant all the time on the faster flowing mountain streams
this is my favorite net release and have been using it since the beginning of time
 this fish pushed water to chase my size 4 olive Zuddler

 my favorite streamer for big fish (both trout and smallies), the olive Zuddler
 the tan Elk Hair Caddis was a strong producer this day
 this yellow Humpy caught so many fish this day I had to keep readjusting it on the hook so that it would float correctly; blow, blow, blow on the fly, put on some Dave's bug flote, blow on fly again and then catch fish and repeat the process
cool underwater shot

I then dropped off my customers at the airport and met up with the next group for a week of fishing up on the Blackfoot

 this fish came out of a hole that you would not think could support a goldfish; 17" of wild Montana fish in skinny water!
October Caddis was the fly of the week on the Blackfoot for me
we stayed in walled tents; evening temps were about 35 with the last night dipping down to 28; down comforters felt great!

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