Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Fishing Kind of Weekend....

On Saturday....
D&H and RRT Demo Event

      After a few weeks of planning, a few dead-ends, and many questions, D&H and RRT (Roads, Rivers, and Trails in Milford) hosted our first joint event. D&H provided free fly casting lessons to anyone interested and RRT allowed folks to try out many different kayak styles while providing some instruction along the way.   

One of the younger participants taking a turn on the fly rod
      We had a wide age range and many interested participants. Everyone had a great time meeting each other and I am pretty sure we met some people we may not have otherwise met. Thank you to everybody that came out made the day a success. Here are a few more pictures from the event!

Ryan from D&H trying out his "sea-legs"

In the future D&H and RRT look forward to more joint events. We are looking for a closer location to host these type of events. Keep in touch with us to keep from missing the next one.

On Sunday...
Ft. Knox and Otter Creek
     Neil and I decided to head down to Ft. Knox to fish Otter Creek since they had recently stocked the creek. We caught many fish, though size was not an attribute here. Anyway it was fun and for me it was new water. It is a really pretty area. Being on the military base was pretty interesting as well. This is an old favorite of Neil's. Enjoy the pictures.

An odd double. A wild and a not-so wild!

If you have any questions about this day trip, please, give me a call at the shop and I will be happy to help you.


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