Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Two new Sperry models at D&H

We just received a shipment of Sperry shoes and there are two new models we are excited to add to our range.  The first is a remake of a model we have carried in the past.  The Authentic Original Winter was a huge hit with our customers and myself.

I have an earlier version of this model that I have worn for about four seasons.  They are great!  The hand-sewn leather moccasin is lined with real shearling.  Since this is not a synthetic lining, my feet do not get all sweaty and hot.  The natural shearling wicks away moisture and is very comfortable.  This is my shoe to slip into every morning in the Autumn/Winter months the minute I jump out of bed and get the day going.  I will wear them to the corner store to get a gallon of milk and I have even worn them to the movies once.  I have talked to some customers that wear them everywhere, but I mainly use them as an around-the-house slipper.  They are THE BEST!!

The other shoe we received in is a new model for us.  The Gold Cup Authentic Original Venetian reminds me of an old camp moccasin I had when I was growing up.  I think I wore those till they were falling apart and then I wrapped them in duct tape (it is hard to give up something that is so broken-in and comfortable).  This shoe is a big upgrade on that old pair.  The hand-sewn moccasin is lined in super soft lambskin which makes for one comfortable bare-footing moc!  I really like the stitching on the moccasin toe.
The next time you are on Hyde Park Square, stop in the shop and try on a pair.  If you are not in the Cincinnati area, visit our web site BestGear.com.

- Mark
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