Monday, April 28, 2014

D&H Rod Raffle: Sage 99 5-weight

Delamere & Hopkins is having a rod raffle to raise money for Project Healing Waters.  The fly rod is a 5-weight from the Sage 99 series.  The rod is valued at $699.  The tickets are $5.

read a review:
"The Sage 99 Fly Rods are the best all around nymph fishing rods.  The light action of the rod tends to hook up well with nymphs in the 14-20 range with indicators, but it still throws big stones like a champ because of the length.  The flex of the rod seems to keep nymphs from getting tangled with the indicator.  The 99 is also VERY popular with float tube fisherman and pontoon boat fisherman who will fish sitting down and want the extra length."

Stop in the shop to purchase your raffle tickets (cash only).
Delamere & Hopkins
Hyde Park Square
2708 Erie Avenue
Cincinnati, OH  45208

Mon-Thurs  10-8
Fri-Sat  10-6
Sun  11-5

read more about the rod

A day of multi-bug rigs, wind-resistant indicators and the requisite high-stick rod position can be enough to make your arm fall off before lunch. But the fact is, there simply isn’t a more reliable, effective technique for finding big fish. Which is why Sage created the 99.

Built with the same advanced G5 Technology as the Z-Axis rods, the most obvious nymph-specific feature of the 99 is its namesake 9-foot, 9-inch length, which makes short work of long, drag-free drifts. But that’s just the beginning. The 99’s unique taper loads lower on the blank to generate open loops, helping avoid tangles with multiple fly and indicator rigs. At the same time, a stiffer tip section handles heavy payload delivery but retains the sensitivity needed to detect subtle takes.

The 99s also feature slightly oversized guides specifically placed to make stack mending, shake-out and line feeding easier. Put it all together and you have a light, perfectly balanced rod that casts like a 9-footer but fishes like a 10. High-Stickers rejoice!

* Medium fast actions
* Proprietary taper design utilizing Generation-5 Technology
* Forest green shaft color
* Over-size guides
* #4 and #5 rods are outfitted Cocobolo wood insert in the reel seat
* #6-#8 rods feature nickel-colored anodized aluminum reel seat and full wells grip
* Khaki fabric rod bag with gold logo
* Evergreen-colored powder coated aluminum rod tube is included

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  1. THANK YOU D and H'ers for your support of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing. Supporting our recovering veterans by offfering your patrons a chance to go nymphing with a Sage 99, and donating the proceeds to PHWFF allows local fly fisherman to continue to provide instruction in fly tying and fly casting, and fishing outings to our veterans. Through the Veterans Administration Medical Center PHWFF has offered 25 learning and fishing opportunities to tristate veterans per year for the last four plus years at no cost to the VA or the participants and this will help us keep doing so.