Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Fly Tying Material at D&H!!

         The shop has been getting in a good amount of new streamer materials and I thought we would let you know exactly what we got in.  The different streamer materials are new flashes and a couple of different modern chenilles.  Delamere & Hopkins is now a Gamakatsu hook dealer and we are stocking the B-10S and the SC-15 in all sizes 2/0 - 4.

check out some cool fly pictures with the new material by clicking the "MORE >>>" link below


 From Gamakatsu we are stocking the B10stinger for a general wide gap streamer hook.  The SC15 is a hook for everything saltwater: from clousers to bonefish flies.  The third hook is the 90 degree jig hook to tie the Meat Whistle (a popular streamer for around the tri-state).

Here are the Gamakatsu Hooks:

Lateral scale and holographic flashes are great for bait fish patterns and many other streamers that you want to be extremely vibrant.
Below is holographic and lateral scale flash:

close up of lateral scale flash:
example of where I used it:

Here we have palmer chenille and polar chenille:



Here is a baitfish fly I tied with palmer chenille.

Streamer I tied with polar chenille.
 (This is also tied on the new B10S hook)

here are a few more flies that use some of these great new materials!!
lateral scale baitfish (on SC15 2/0)

palmer chenille baitfish (on b10s)

lateral scale flash baitfish

mouse on b10s

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Louis Seta

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