Friday, September 7, 2012

Striper fishing

                             Hybrids are In!!!

Louis and I got out this morning and caught several hybrids. We hit the water about 6:00 a.m. were soon into fish.

 We were throwing a variety of Clouser style flies, with strong results coming from a white/chartruese combination. If you want to try for the hybrids we recommend hitting the water before first light in the morning and in the evening, plan to stay just past last light. There are several good spots nearby. Focus your efforts on riffles and bottlenecks on the river.

LMR Baitfish, pick flies that resemble. Flies need only be a few inches long.

               Louis was fishing a Winston 8 weight and I had a Hardy 10 weight. We suggest using rods between 7-10 weight. The 10 is probably a bit overkill but it works well. Use 16 lbs. tippet or heavier. These are strong, athletic fish that use the current to their advantage. Good Luck.


  1. Where can a guy find said riffles/bottlenecks? I'm heading out tomorrow morning and need a good lead.

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